Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The inner dialog of a runner

Or at least the crazy talk that goes on in my head.

Lap 1 - I am already board and the goal is 4 miles
Lap 2- Already tired of running, there is no way I am going to make it to 3 miles - wait the goal is 4, crap
Lap 3- almost a 4th of the way to the finish
Lap 4- serious pep talk begins- a quarter of the way done- keep going
Lap 5-wondering thoughts
Lap 6- half way - nope not true the goal is 4 miles
Lap 7- just keep moving, I don't like this song
Lap 8- half way, you can't quit after half way, keep going
Lap 9- Just Dance- thank you Lady GaGa
Lap 10 - just a mile and a half more, I can do this
Lap 11- those people are faster than me, I should run faster
Lap 12- wait is this lap 12, it might be lap 11, shoot I lost count, I'll just have to add one
Lap 12- again
Lap 13- 3 more I can do this
Lap 14 - 3 more? seriously I need to find a way to count down better
Lap 15- lets say 2 more that way I will know for sure I did 4 miles
Lap 15- again
Lap 16- almost done, what if I do 5 miles, I should run the last part faster, unless I am running 5 miles then I don't want to waist all my energy going faster... but the faster I run the faster I am done, I can totally do 5 miles
Lap 17- I am doing 5 miles
Lap 18- so doing 5 miles, easy
Lap 19- almost done with 5 miles, so easy
Lap 20- what if I do 6 miles
Lap 21- yep doing 6 miles
Lap 22- I need better music if I am going to run 6 miles
Lap 23- The Killers, smile like you mean it
Lap 24- 6 miles done
Lap 25- walking
Lap 26- why are all the gates of this track locked?
half a mile walk home

6 miles done- half marathon in February? Bring it on


sweetsong said...

SOOOOOOOOOOO awesome!!! First of all it is like you wrote my inner dialog (it really is hard to keep track and I always add one when I loose count too.) Second I think it is awesome that you are running so far already. When you come we are running together and you will probably be better and actually spurring me on....how cool is that !? ( I am only at 3 miles right now. My goal by the end of Dec. is 5/6.)

Melanie Hopson said...

great post, Sarah. We've all been there, and kudos to you for getting yourself out running lately. Yea Sarah!

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you!! Keep running!!!

l.borrego said...

The first three miles are always the hardest, and then after that you can just go for a while! Like the first mile, two miles, are sometimes painful for me. So proud of you!

And a great running mix helps! I sing when I run, I'm sure people think I'm nuts.

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