Wednesday, February 20, 2008

now for the hard part

I have decided to live more simply. This means changing my spending. So here is where it gets challenging. 

I have two projects in mind for painting type thingys. And I am really excited about them. I am excited about them for many reasons including the fact that no one is going to buy them. They have not been ordered by someone. Therefore there is no timeline no pressure to please no stress. They are all for me!! They will go up on my wall in my new room. But since no one is buying them no one is paying for them.

I just need the patience and supplies to make them. that is the tricky part. You see I have made a purposeful choice to live simply. Therefore all the supplies I need for this project to happen have to materialize without me spending money on them. So far I have two canvases that I obtained without theft or spending money. Now I need paint, paper, and glue. So in my experiment in living more simply I am trusting that I can create this art without spending a ton of money. 

Here are the ideas: 

1. This one will involve the pictures of the side walk art that I took the other day (reference the heart I posted two days ago). I will take a bunch of them create a collage type thing and then paint the streets of the city over it (like a map). It is going to be sweet!! and I will post a pic of it here.

2. I wrote 3/4 random poems recently that were mostly just flow of thought words. I have typed them up and I am going to print them out and paste them onto a canvas that I will have already painted. and I think that I will create a lotus flower out of collage paper (I am really into this collage thing right now) and it will also be on the painting. There will be a series on with each poem.

so soon there will be pictures here of the art to come. Art that was created without creating waist and without spending beyond my means. I am excited!!

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