Tuesday, February 19, 2008

say something worth reading...

As a point of developing the discipline of writing I am going to try to write something here daily.
I made this choice yesterday when I created the blog. 
I want this to be a space where I share my journey of attempting to live the life Jesus has called me into.
Even though I have spent a great deal of my life teaching, it seems that I have not really developed my voice. (at least not with people my age and older)
So this is an experiment in learning to say what is going on in my head. It is an experiment in introspection and all of you have been invited in.
But even with that said, when I sat down to write today there was nothing. I think mostly there is nothing because it is intimidating to know that someone somewhere will read this.
So maybe tomorrow. I have some poems I think I want to share but I am not ready, so maybe tomorrow.
But know that even if I guard myself from you, you have been invited in. Into my head, into the way I want to change things and first I want to change me. 
This is my becoming.  

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