Wednesday, April 9, 2008

God saw what God had created and it was very good

I often forget how much I love working out.

In fact I forget to a point where I don't do it for months on end. Then something jump starts me and I am back in the gym.

As anyone has ever seen me knows I am not thin or even really muscular. I am a cute- almost short- curvy type- that loves songs about 'thick' women cause I am one. So I don't work out to look hot. When I do get into that groove I end up never going and hating it. I love working out because I love how tiny muscles start to hurt just a bit. I love how you start feeling connected to your self. With each step you feel the body that God created just for you to live in. Even hours later your nerves are more aware that they are part of this whole fabulous intricate machine that is God's creation. 

"So God created human beings in God's own image,
in the image of God God created them;
male and female God created them." Gen 1:27

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