Sunday, December 28, 2008


I mostly wrote this to reflect. To remember that this year was full and it was successful. It was an adventure. It was surprising and not very much like what I anticipated- but it was a good year.

I moved to San Francisco.
I worked with ReIMAGINE, Soul Shoppe, and Making Waves- all organizations that serve to better the world.
I made my first ever campaign contribution for the presidential election.
I went 40 days on a vegan diet.
I completed my masters degree!!
I paid off my car- then sold it for a 15% of what I paid for it five years ago.
I learned how to use a public transit system- I was late a lot and lost regularly.
I stopped shopping as much and learned to love used clothes.
I went 40 days with out make up or jewelry.
I cried with my sister from half a continent away when she miscarried.
I missed my sisters, my niece and my nephew more than I thought I would.
I called at least one member of my family almost every day.
I enjoyed cold foggy days at the beach, hung out in Dolores Park, relaxed on my roof, and slowed down.
I learned how to cook.
I paid off a student loan.
I spent more time alone than I have ever wanted to - I have loved and hated it.
I saw a dead man on the street as I walked with some friends- he was surrounded by police officers and worried neighbors- our guess was that he was a homeless man- we hope he passed in his sleep.
I called 911 at least 3 times- it was always for someone else.
I started learning to knit.
I lived with 3 random Germans.
I facilitated a workshop to fight human trafficking - and I realized a passion for justice I had hoped I had, and now know that I have.
I committed to only buying fair trade chocolate and coffee.
I went to DC and actually spoke with my senator's office about the TVPRA- I celebrated months later when it passed!!!
I saw the document that gave me as a woman the right to vote in this country.
I finally got a blond streak in my hair (I have wanted one since I was 13.)
I made mistakes that I never want to make again and I was shown grace.
I met some amazing people.
I formed lasting friendships.
I read books for fun.
I voted for the first African American president- he won- I gained HOPE in our country.
I drowned in my insecurity just long enough to realize how much I needed to break free from it.
I stepped out on faith that God is leading me in a new direction and I left my job with ReIMAGINE.
I was in one of my best friends from college's wedding. YAY for Christen and Joe!
I decided that I do want to Pastor- I am a congregationalist- I kinda wish I could be Greek Orthodox- I love my Baptist roots (maybe too much)- I do think the emerging church provides hope for the church- I want to be part of change.
I learned to define myself more as someone in healing than as someone who is wounded.
I lived in 5 apartments- I have roommates for the first time in 2 1/2 years and one of them is just months old- we call her Bella and she is fabulous.

2008 has been a beautiful year, but something tells me 2009 is going to be simply gorgeous!

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