Sunday, December 28, 2008


My goals for 2009-

write meaningfully
run- maybe even race
become 'gainfully' employed
take the GRE and rock it
go on a trip for fun- pure pleasure, nothing else (preferably one that involves a national park)
get one of the two major tattoos I want
live the vows made with Seven
hang out with my mom in San Francisco
Overcome my irrational fear of 'steep' things (yes I know I live in San Francisco and there are a lot of steep things- I am scared a lot)
start saving money to buy property
remember how it feels to be deeply in love with my Creator
spend a weekend in silence
wear lipstick
mail letters using the actual postal service
take pictures on film and develop them
decorate my room
paint something honest
fight human trafficking - invite another community to do their own version of ABOLITION
prepare for ordination, get licensed and become a pastor
meditate on the cross with out forgetting the life of Jesus
meditate on the life of Jesus without neglecting the death and resurrection
paint my nails on a regular basis
visit my senators office in San Francisco
pray more
love more
listen more
ride my bike
walk to work more
be open to the new and adventurous
take daring steps of faith

There are a ton of goals here. Writing them down and sharing them with people increases the likelihood that I will follow through. Thanks for the accountability.


“God doesn't require us to succeed; he only requires that you try”
Mother Teresa

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