Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Good advice

A dear former professor of mine is helping me in my search for a place to serve and today he reminded me of a very simple truth.

God is the one that opens and closes doors. If we leave that work up to God it frees us of the burden of thinking that we ought to eliminate possibilities.

So that is a little paraphrased but you get the point. In light of the fact that many of my friends are looking for employment and direction it seems pertinent to remember, even if it is hard to see things that way.

I want to be in control, I want the perfect job, in the perfect city, with the perfect friends, and I want to reject things that don't look like what I want. Still, if I claim that I do what I do because I feel God has called me to it then I must trust God's call to be a call of provision.

God is trustworthy. It is God's job to open and close doors, it is my job to follow God through them.

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