Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I want to tell you truth- but I have held it so close to me that I cannot let it go
I hold truth like a child gripping a blanket for security
It is enough for me to hold - I do not have to share
As I do not share, I do not share my security and I do not share my love

Still I will only share my truth with the people that can hold it with me
I will only give truth to the people that will not take it away from me
My truth is my security- it is my protection
It is guarding me from your truth- I fear your truth will break my heart


sweetsong said...
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sweetsong said...

Share your truth with me my friend...not only will I give it back to you to curl up to at night...I will loan you mine when you need to put yours in the washing machine. (Interpretation from a mother and a friend who loves you.)

vaa said...

that is lovely sro!

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