Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Lord's Prayer

A week ago my ReIMAGINE group gathered to hear the stories of Melanie and Julie as they returned from Africa. As we closed the night we prayed for them and for Africa. Below is a version of the Lord's Prayer I rewrote for the night.

One thing I love about prayer is that I believe it is more about us being opened to God to allow God to change us than it is about us getting God to change. As I started to read the prayer I wrote, tears filled my eyes and I had to change some of the words I wrote. I felt God tell me to pray a prayer with more love and grace for my own community than the words I originally wrote. Honestly, as soon as the prayer was over I had already forgotten the exact new words that I had spoken- so this is the almost version of what I read that night.

Our Redeemer in heaven,
Reconciler is your name,
May your Peace come, your desire be done,
in all nations as it is in your presence,
Provide every stomach the sustenance needed, food and water,
and teach us to be grateful for enough,
Forgive us our judgment and humble us to love others,
Lead us not into indifference,
Rescue us from pride,
For Thine is the presence, hope and the renewal, for all time
forever and ever
Let it be so

So this is my prayer for Africa, for the world, for my community, and for myself.

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