Friday, March 12, 2010

All I want to do is look at pretty photos and rent hotel rooms with girls.
As I glanced at random blogs today I read this phrase and it summed up my life, or at least how I feel about it right now. It also sparked a memory of a summer weekend trip into Dallas (after I had moved out of Dallas). Friends of mine from college had all gotten a room together and we had an amazing night of indulgent fun.

Thinking of that night took my mind to many nights over the past few weeks. These nights have not been full of indulgent fun. However, these nights have been memories in the making. Memories of moments when people have been so completely present with me. These memories do not have photos attached, and were photos to exist they would not be pretty, but the memories are beautiful.

So to all my girls thank you. We need to rent a hotel room soon.

*the above photo is close to 5 years old and it is with Christen and here you can see her beautiful photographs

1 comment:

Jenny said...

Me. You. Hotel Room July 10. Awesomeness will ensue.

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