Saturday, March 24, 2012

Finding Sabbath

As this weekend approached I pretty much had every minute booked up. To be honest I was kind of dreading the weekend of unrest, despite the fact that I loved everyone and everything that would be filling up my hours. Then a flu outbreak (not me or anyone I know) canceled my Saturday morning plans, and my friends postponed a crafting party scheduled for Sunday afternoon. I almost feel guilty about how relieved I felt to get the news about both of these events, almost.

With that said, I think it is highly appropriate timing that I am about to read the book Sabbath with a group of lovely women. Despite the fact that I have written on Sabbath a few times here, I am terrible at it. Even more in the past few months I have given myself intentional permission to over book myself, and I am happier than I have been in a long time. I am a bit torn and tired. I have a handful of friends who are dealing with some really heavy things and I am not sure that I have been able to be there for them the ways that I would like to. To be honest I just spent much of my evening with an amazing woman, mostly talking about me. So, clearly, I do not have my life figured out. Nonetheless, being busy is making me happy, while observing the Sabbath is a commandment I tend to forget. 

With just 9 minutes left in the seventh day of the week, I am confessing: I need to develop this discipline, evan as I am loving the sense of productivity I am feeling these days. I need to take a day each week to trust that God can get everything done without my help and take that day to celebrate and enjoy God's goodness. I did that today, as my plans changed the day opened itself up to only fun and relaxing endeavors, and it was wonderful, and I am deeply grateful. 

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