Thursday, March 29, 2012

The SOLD Project

I got to meet Tawee tonight. After three years of supporting The Sold Project's work in Thailand, it was an honor to meet the Thailand Director. His story was inspiring! His passion was evident and his vision for his village is amazing.

Most impressive to me is how he talked about the girls that 'made bad choices' but still needed support. His desire to continue to offer grace even when prevention has failed but the girls still need a place to come back to, is so beautiful.

He told the story of a young girl in their programs who was shamed by her family and the village. She left for the city. She was in school in the city, but she dropped out and got a job at as a beer girl. Still, The Sold Project pursued her and invited her back. The admitted that because the village had hurt her they would need to earn back her trust, but they offered her support and a way back into the community. Tawee said it better than I did, but more than anything he made the point:

Prevention is meaningful and hard and necessary, even if what you are preventing is preventing them from going back.

Please watch the video and learn more about how you can help prevent child prostitution.

Stand 4 Freedom from The SOLD Project on Vimeo.

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