Friday, January 8, 2010


I am part of a women's night that happens once every 6 weeks and it is good for my soul. I have posted pics from it on my facebook in the past, but tonight I will post a poem. We had a writing prompt of one word and ten minutes. My word was bark. Here is what come of it:


pealing back
piece by piece the winter wood exposed
fresh and broken,
weak from the cold wind
curling, pulling, flaking
the harsh exterior of protection
wasting away
rough and strong but dying slowly
the ground frozen below snow yet to fall this year
refusing to nourish a heart that is broken beyond its years
layers falling away
the spring will come
the land will live
this drought is not here but just a day
A day to stand alone and longing for protection I once was
I am falling to pieces here alive in the promise
exposed to the present

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