Friday, January 1, 2010

Dear 2010 don’t suck

As I scrolled through Facebook statuses I read a friend’s message to 2010: “Don’t suck” and my heart whispered a prayer echoing the sentiment. In reality for me 2009 had ups and down, and the downs were pretty low down. I am not sure that I would say that 2009 sucked, but I do not think I will remember it as a particularly pleasant year. Now don’t get me wrong I would like to say that 2099 sucked. I spend most of the year under employed, 3 months unemployed, 3 other months homeless, my heart broke a dozen times, I experienced rejection after rejection, and to be honest I feel like I spent much of the year in survival mode.

Still, In honesty I might have to acknowledge that it was in fact a good year, in the way that getting a large tattoo is good, it stings for a long time, at moments it really hurts, you bleed and then it itches like crazy for weeks, you have to take care of the thing with pure coco butter (or whatever your tattoo artist recommends) but when it is all said and done you have this beautiful piece of art work that is all yours.

I especially like this analogy as it applies to the tattoo I just got. It is a lotus flower, a Budist symbol of beauty. The flower grows in swamp water and the purity of the flower stands in contrast to its surroundings and in contrast of what it grew out of. It reminds me of the story of our redemption, beauty from adversity and God’s ability to make all things pure. I guess what I am trying to say is I hope that 2009 is redeemed in the lives of everyone I know who struggled through this year. All of the people who lost jobs, or couldn’t find one post graduation, all the people who lost loved ones, or struggled with health, everyone who had to figure out who they were post major life changes, everyone that had to readjust their dreams, I hope for all of us we can look back on this year and see that it was good, painful and challenging, but beautiful.

As stated above the year had some really low downs. Nonetheless was pretty amazing to realize the generosity of friends, to be blessed with the provisions of my Creator, to have a niece and nephew born, to be offered a job with an organization I love, to realize my identity is not in any of the things I thought it was, to learn that I am truly loved by so many people, and quite simply to have actually survived 2009- yeah all of that feels good.

Even with all of this I have to say please 2010, please don’t suck. In fact I am asking you to be awesome. Dear 2010 Be the year of love, be the year of hope, be the year of change, be the year strength, be the year of honesty, of year of faithfulness, of healing, of year of adventure, be the year of dreams come true.

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Sarah said...

Wow, what a great prayer for this year. I think my heart is echoing the exact same desire. I hope this year is really great for you!

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