Monday, February 8, 2010

having it all when it is all falling apart

We were chatting about how hard the past year has been and all the crazy things we have in common. We are both strong women and even as our lives have fallen apart, we look like we have it all together, and on many levels we do. As I reflected this reality of commonality aloud, she looked at me without flinching and said well of course we still have it all together, we have faith.

Her words struck me as both shockingly obvious and remarkably profound. Somehow, I think I just took it for granted. Everyone tells me I am so strong, I give off a vibe that says I don't need anyone, I will be okay. The truth is: I am not that remarkably strong. I do desperately need people. Nonetheless, It is always ok. I do make it work, somehow. That somehow is faith.


sweetsong said...

Beautifully stated...

rachael said...

well said my dear. tis true.

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