Sunday, February 21, 2010


I want to think of pretty things
of hats and coats and gaudy rings
of places I have never seen
Not of you and me and the space between

I dare not dream of time gone by
Instead I dream of birds that flock and squirrels that fly
of streets with lights and stars so bright
and shadows dancing in the night

I do not think of the thousand miles
Nor do I ponder the thousand states
I can not bare the thousand hopes that have to wait

I want to roam the country side
With wings spread and head held high
and dream the dreams of you and I
without a thousand wanders why

Truth be told I must confess
it brings my heart much duress
I cannot stay, you will not go
our story is over, you have to know

loosing you, I found my wings
I laugh, I hope, I dance, I sing
Still, as I go, I won't deny
You have my heart, I have the sky

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