Monday, November 15, 2010


For years I have loved the passage in Job 38 when God shows and up says "who are you to question me, and where where you when I..."

I have loved it because God showed up and spoke. God didn't ignore Job's anger and questioning. God showed up and responded.

Ever since posting last night's post I have felt God saying "I am here, and I have been with you all the while."

"I am in the loving texts and phone calls from friends. I am in the mistakes I have protected you from. I am in the faces of children listening to Bible stories. I am the songs you sing at the top of your lungs, and the songs you sand in silence for. I am on the hills you run and the Bible you keep sitting, often unopened, beside your bed. I am in the fiction you read. I am in all the things that bring you joy and all the ways you have courage to face your pain. I am in the water you drink restoring your tired body. I didn't go anywhere and I am not planning to. I am here, in whispers."

This truth woke me up this morning before my alarm went off and while I was still begging to sleep warm in my bed. I have not been forgotten or abandoned. God is here.

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