Saturday, November 13, 2010

Recycled Child Project and Dinners

Meet RCP Participant - "Oi" from Recycled Child Project. on Vimeo.

Tonight's dinner was in honor of the Recycled Child Project and it was amazing. We raised a modest $190, and I hope we inspired people to give in the future. Please watch the video above and donate.

I will confess going into the evening I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and discouraged. Monthly Dinners are a project I began in my previous faith community with a dear friend. I have since left the community and my friendship with this amazing woman has been affected by a challenging year. She has chosen to focus her energy in other areas and I went into tonight feeling like the one year anniversary of the project might also be it's end.

It is not. At one point one of the guests asked what my vision was. I told her this was started as a simple way for people who can't be philanthropist to invite people to give. In an ideal world the project will grow. Dinners will happen all over the city with 3-4 homes hosting dinners for the same organization all on the same night so that 40-50 people are involved and more money and awareness can be raised. I also said, honestly now that my partner in this has decided that she wants to do other things this might be our last dinner.

I can't do this alone and I will not do this alone. I want a consistent partner in this, and as these words were spoken I was given a new partner. The dinners will continue. I am excited.

I am excited because not everyone can give hundreds of dollars to support non-profits. I know I can't. But most of us can spend $20 on dinner. $20 = 2 meals for 15 young boys in Thailand through the recycled child project. To be honest I would host dinner parties either way. This way I get to know that what I am doing impacts young men who are being sold.

My dearest Scott, Ning and Sophia, I am excited to start this adventure with you!We are going to host some amazing dinners!


Alezandra said...

RCP is SO extremely greatful for all the attention and support your dinner has provided our youth with. It is movements like yours that help sustain our project and our vision. We cannot thank you enoughfor opening up your heart and your home to our cause! Thank you!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is so great! Thanks for taking the time to educate people on this issue and raise money for a good cause--and great girl like Alex!

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