Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Learning How to Stay

Source: via Victoria on Pinterest

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

I have received mail in 6 states; I went to different school almost every year of elementary; and this summer my time in San Francisco will make it the second longest I have lived anywhere. I am living in one of the most transient cities in the U.S. and it is almost as long as I have lived anywhere. It is kind of crazy and has me struggling with a bit of an urge to move. You see I am not accustomed to roots. I had anticipated a career that had me traveling, instead I found one that is developing within me a deep sense of community and place, and I love it.

While I was in Paris I knew San Francisco was home, because I actually missed it, and I knew my job was my vocation because I wanted to return to it. Still, somehow within a few weeks of returning to San Francisco the wanderlust was already re-awakening. I am hitting my marker for moving on. I have the itch to leave, but I am committing to stay.

I will talk about Austin, Houston and Denton as amazing options. I will day dream about a back yard and calm hours at coffee shops, I might even sneak over to hang out with my friends in the burbs just to get a hint of it, but right now and for a few more years, I know that my life is here, and I am going to learn how to stay.

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