Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Once upon a field in Oxford

While I was in Oxford I had the joy of a long walk through a rather large field on my way to a fabulous pub. While walking with Suz and Rach we chatted about the roles of women in leadership all over the world and how religious systems often attempt to set limits on their roles. Than we came upon a group of horses and we paused.

I think this might have been one of my absolute favorite moments of the trip. We had been having fabulous conversation, and we continued to after the horses, but we still had a chance to stop and engage with a beautiful intense powerful animal. I loved it.

We laughed as the horses tried to eat my camera and my sweater. We pet them and tried not to get stepped on.

I love that they were roaming freely. Seeing them run was like something out of movie. I was inspired and awed by their power, beauty, and honestly their awkwardness - I mean really how long does it take to figure out the you cannot eat my camera?

side note: I finally uploaded by pics from my camera - so there will be many more photo posts.

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Lisa said...

I'd love to hear about your trip! Coffee?

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