Wednesday, May 11, 2011


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This past weekend I got a new tattoo and chopped off my hair. My hair wasn't that long so the cut isn't too drastic. (I will post pictures) These two things were enough to stir within me a longing to create. I love treating my body as a canvas, I think that is why when I paint I end up with paint all over my hands and face and pants and shirt. Nonetheless, for a while now something has me blocked.

Along with the hair cut and tattoo I chatted with a good friend about how much I happier I am now than I was a year ago. During the chat I mentioned that yes, I am happier, but this time last year I was writing good poetry, painting, running 5 miles a day and 9 miles once a week, and my room was clean. Funny, how being a mess made me so much more productive.

So as a healthy and semi whole person I am setting a few personal artistic challenges: paint ONE painting a month for the rest of 2011; create something (cooking a full meal or a fabulous dessert counts) once a week for the remainder of my 28th year; take one photo daily; document these things.

Now this might be a bit much, as I am working to get better at my job; start running again and managing some significant volunteer tasks. Yet, somehow I feel that if I can commit to create more, I will have the energy to do the other things, and according to my friend Leah if I write it on my blog it is true, so now I just have to do it.

(Side note: great news: my favorite jeans have an un-mend-able hole, meaning I have new painting pants that I feel pretty in. I do a better job creating pretty things when I feel pretty.)

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