Monday, May 16, 2011

Setting up an art show

One of my dearest friends Jacklyn is an amazing artist who has spent the past two years working to complete a series on Northern Uganda and Southern Sudan. I am excited to say that she is hosting a show featuring this series this Thursday, May 19th at 1337 Sutter. She is selling her work to fund her return trip East Africa and we are all excited to help! So, instead of doing the traditional evening gathering our community group are helping her set up her show (yep, I am speaking in the present tense, because there are more hands than room to work, so I am being a photographer and writer).

So one might ask how do you set up an art show? Well, Jack got herself a venue, a play list by a fabulous SF DJ, some flowers donated and we are all contributing food and wine, but that is just the beginning.

First you have to get the food/drinks for the work night.

Clearly the art is ready to frame.

The glass is being cleaned.

People are drilling in the hooks and the wire. (This is of course waited until after all the designers in my community group have an intense conversation about the best options for hooks, wires, and all other mounting ideas. I love how creative and serious all my friends are when it comes to the tiny details that make things even more beautiful.)

Jac is placing each piece ever so delicately, and I am having a blast looking over her shoulder to get sneak peeks of it all.

All the collaboration is so great to be a part of. Everyone is working so hard,especially Niko as he sips his beer and checks the baseball scores... oh wait... would I really call that working? ;)

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