Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A little worn for the wear

While Jenny was here we hopped over to Treasure Island for the Flea market (it was amazing and I will be posting pics of purchases later this week.) Treasure Island is a funny place. It has amazing views and is really a beautiful little island, it hosts a major music event every year, as well as other fun events. It is also where the city has chosen to build a significant amount of low income housing and I know of a few good programs that are located on the island. Supposedly, it is also about to become a 'green city' - basically a government experiment in sustainable architecture and city planning. Rumors are that this will of course force the low income communities out of their housing as their homes are torn down to build sustainable green homes. Now, I am not sure if any of the rumors are true, but as I saw this really beautiful abandoned pier I felt like it was a pretty accurate depiction of the island: beautiful, but broken and in need of some love and attention, but most often forgotten.

(Me and Jenny enjoying our photo opp.)

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