Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fear of Failing (and why it is making me broke) Follow Up

I was a bit surprised by how responsive people were to my Fear of Failure post. I am excited to hear that so many people are with me in making these changes and working towards getting out of debt. I also have to say I have already seen that this is going to be hard.

Nonetheless, I have come up with some action steps to take this week.

  1. Draft actual budget.
  2. Cancel my gym membership.
  3. Change my CSA delivery to a small box every other week (I love my Farm Fresh to You box, but I throw a ton of it out. That is a waste of money and food.)
  4. Research zero percent APR cards I can roll my debt over to so that I can pay towards my actual debt not just the interest that it grows each month. (This might be tricky, but I got some offers for 15 months no interest. I might be able to roll over onto one of them and get most of it paid off, than roll the remaining amount before the interest hits. I got this idea from my sister and I think it is worth a try.) I am also going to see if I can find a rewards plan that better meets my needs.
  5. Research banks. Mine is great and I have had it for over 10 years. However, I get charged $6 every time I need to use another banks ATM.
  6. Memorize the principles in this video:

I feel like this is enough to take on in one week, next week there will be more.

Side note: I ran 4 miles overcoming my fear of not being able to run 2 again (I was doing 5 a day this time last year, so that is my overall goal); I still need to write those blogs for Sweet Notions; I got more craft stuff and I think I will be hosting a small craft party to help me get my creative energy flowing again so that I can make some stuff to sell.

Side note 2: I am very excited that my choice to take on my debt coincides with the season of free events in SF. FuncheapSF is about to get a ton of attention from me, as will Broke Ass Stuart.

Love to hear more feed back and ideas on how to get un-broke.

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