Thursday, May 9, 2013

Day 2 of Clothing Simplicity

Within no time of making my no clothing commitment I walked by a store I love having a sale. I am really grateful that I am doing this whole public accountability thing. I walked past the store. I didn't even go in. 

So, I spent the day in doors mostly in sweets, expect when I went running. I applied for 10 jobs and even heard back from a few already. I may or may not be going out tonight, if I do I will be wearing this.

Dress: H&M $5 on final sale, Necklace: Purchased 5+ years ago at the boutique in Houston with Rachel, Boots: one of those online flash sale member only sales $90 

I have decided that those are a bad idea for me (and most people). The pressure to buy fast makes me spend money before I am sure and the super low prices tempt me to buy things I don't need. Also, I fail to research the companies to verify ethical clothing practices.

Lastly, I am so very happy it accrued to me that I could take photos of the clothes before I put them on. No more selfies.

What are some spending traps you know to avoid?

1 comment:

Bethy said...

Aw, but i like the selfies. :)

I love your goal to keep it simple. I'm trying to do the same with clothes lately. I usually buy a bunch of cheap tops, when I'd rather save and buy a cool statement piece or a pair of long-lasting boots.

I'm trying to "shop my closet" more, realizing that I have so many items of clothing that I've only worn once or twice. That's just ridiculous.

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