Monday, May 20, 2013

Day 12: Trade as One, Warm weather, and Sutro

My Trade as One box came in today!!! Trade as One has started doing a seasonal box of organic, fair trade pantry staples and have a subscription. I am super excited about the food, for a few reasons. 1) I am not good at planning appropriately for grocery shopping. I don't do well keeping staples stocked. 2) 95% of the box is things I actually need. Rice, oats, quinoa, and beans- 5% is chocolate! I also joined the coffee club, so I get my favorite drink in the world. Plus, it came with lip balm and soap. 3) Everything in the box is helping farmers receive a fair wage- and Trade as One did all the work to be sure I was eating ethically. 4) They have a gluten free box option, so I can eat everything in my box! 
JOY! They sent recipes and some information about the history of rice as well. I am excited! 

Also, my box came with 4 coupons for 20% off your first box. Let me know if you are interested and I will share a coupon with you. 

Now on to clothes:

Today has been remarkably warm, so I am going to be brave (or silly) and wear shorts out in my city. I spent most of the day in work out clothes- I was supposed to go on a 8 mile run. I ran 5 miles, but as soon as I got to Sutro Baths I had to slow down and roam the area- it is just too beautiful to not enjoy slowly. So, I walked around then walked the 5 miles home. Over all it was lovely. 

Top: LOFT on sale for under $20, Shorts: LOFT gifted from Christie L (I have 3 Christies in my life and 2 of them give me clothes) Shoes: Gifted by my parents - side note on the shoes, they came with an odd story about how they were designed by a stay at home mom who wanted more comfortable shoes for chasing her kids around. I love them for roaming the city. They are Libby Edelman.

These are my two fave photos from Sutro today. I also posted them on instagram, but I didn't apply a filter to these two.

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