Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 15: Flash sale boots

Once upon a time, when I thought I had money, I received and opened tons of emails a day informing me of flash sales. (Sales that last for about 12 hours) I bought way to much stuff because it was just too easy to find sales when they just show up in my inbox. As I move toward self disciplined spending I am unsubscribing from all of my sale emails. 

Boots: bought on a flash sale for $20ish. I never wear them but I am going to try to wear them more.
Also, look at that wood floor! It is so beautiful.

Cardigan: Target 5+ years ago, Top: J. Crew gifted by Christie, Jeans: Indi custom denim, Boots: Flash sale.

Same as above: except Shorts: Clearance at Anthropology 
I wore them most of the day, but I had to change to jeans before the evening so I wouldn't freeze in my lovely chilly summer city. 

Also, the painting behind my head in most of these photos was purchased in India. It is painted with ground up stones on silk. I love it.

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