Friday, May 9, 2008

die hard

old habits die hard

so i tried. i picked up snacks at the grocery store so that would waist less money on empty calorie foods (eating simply while traveling is challenging and fruit cost more here)... i bought a regular coffee not a latte... but OMG!! I want a double shot expresso coffee drink. there is just something about coming back that makes it easier to slip into old ways. plus there just isn't a place for me to get a 1.5o coffee and if i am spending 2.50 why not spend 3.50 to get the latte? for reals!

some things never change, I have plans to eat out like every meal while I am in town. but i did try to order the cheapest thing on the menu yesterday... i did get called granola today (whatever that means)

but other than feeling like there is no way for me to stick to my 'simple' lifestyle... it is officially true- I LOVE WACO and I MISS TEXAS! it is good to be home for a bit.

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