Friday, May 2, 2008

I have make up on and an amazing necklace

So I need to be working on my mentoring notebook. It is after all the main reason for my failure to blog for the past few days. But really quick I must say that on day 3 post the makeup/jewelry fast I am wearing one of my favorite necklaces purchased on a trip to Houston to see my wonderful friend Rachel this past summer, a ring given to me when I was in the 6th grade by a generous church member who wanted his late wife's jewelry to be given to his pastors family because he was aware of our lack of financial means to purchase fun costume jewelry and having the pastor's family wear the jewelry would honor her, along with simple black mascara and eyeliner. 
My very kind roommate told me I looked like a model, she was so shocked to see me with jewelry and makeup on. It was nice to be looked at like I was beautiful, but it was also nice to have these things be accessories, and only accessories. They accent who I am, they do not define who I am.

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