Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pretty Things

(I only got one hostess photo. Gotta love Ester and that sassy face.)

As I arrived at the home of three lovely ladies this past Saturday I was greeted exclamations of excitement. "I am so glad you came! I made gluten free snacks!" You know you are wanted when someone goes out of their way to be sure you have goodies to munch. Once I had made my way up the stairs I was led to the snack table complete with cucumbers sliced to make crackers with all kinds of yumminess piled on top of them, than I turned to my left and saw the beauty. Easter, Lilly and Laura were hosting a Stella & Dot Trunk Show. (Yes, this is a very dramatic intro to a bunch of pictures of pretty jewelry.)

The sun through the window and the beautiful jewelry was just too photogenic. So here are some enticing photos, you should go shopping on the link above. I bought 2 pieces, most of the stuff is a bit pricey, but it is unique. Also, I asked about their policies for making stuff (aka: do they know if there is slave labor involved) and supposedly it is a small enough company that they do know who makes their stuff and how, so that is good.

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