Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mission Cheese

Opening my gmail this morning at least 3 emails informed me that Mission Cheese was opening today. Clearly, I responded to this by sending an email to the lovely Tracey to see if she was up for going there for happy hour. (There is currently no wine or beer, but there is coffee and CHEESE. I love cheese.) She was up for the change of plans, so we had cheese for happy hour!

(This is the lovely Tracey drinking water from a mason jar. I kind of love drinking from jars and therefore love that they serve their water in milk jugs and mason jars.)

The atmosphere is wonderful. The decor and the owners are fabulously nice, and the place seems to attract some interesting folks. As Tracey and I caught up on our lives (my trip to Paris and all our future travel plans, roaming around is oh, so much fun!) we enjoyed amazing cheese and met one of the fun people enjoying the new spot on Valencia. The woman sitting next to us was super nice and writes a cheese blog! She also teaches a class at workshop and I adore workshop, so clearly I was glad to meet her. She gave me her card, so clearly I am now obligated to stalk her blog in order to learn all about cheese. (Yes, I just said "so, clearly" twice, but clearly that was necessary. In fact I am using the word clearly way too much in this post, but I digress.)

Anyway, back to the place: check out this wall of cheese. It was just beautiful! The lighting and the cabinets and the shelving and the wood. I want my kitchen to look like this, complete with ranunculus in a jar.

And chalk board menu. I do really want to someday paint a wall in my home with chalkboard paint.

This was my fabulous snack of potatoes with melted cheese.

Seriously so good. (BTW: I stole this photo idea from the cheese blogger...)

And clearly I had some coffee, made in a tiny little personal french press. I was wonderful. (That is the owner in the back ground. I was kind of obsessed with her apron, you can barely see it but it is adorable!)

All this to say I this place is fabulous. I will be excited when there is wine and she said they were working on getting some kind of gluten free crackers/bread for the cheese plates and that is even more exciting.

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cheeseplatesf said...

Wow - you are a fast blogger! Thanks for the mention and thank you for supporting CHEESE! It was nice meeting you and basically busting into your conversation with your friend :0

The raclette was delicious - but I defnitely had a "cheese baby" tummy by the time I left Mission Cheese.

Hope to see you around the cheese circles again! Goat Festival at the Ferry Building on Saturday

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