Wednesday, April 6, 2011


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Just before leaving for Paris I picked up Markets of Paris and it led me to a fabulous garment district (as well as a few other markets, I do have to say the markets were one of my favorite side adventures, they made the city feel so much more real, like people actually live there, which they do).

Just up the hill from Mulin Rouge in Monmarte (the 18th
Arrondissment) there is a amazing selection of fabric stores. (I snapped a few photos of fabric before I was harshly told to put my camera away, oops!) I loved this part of the city, along with the fabric there is an epicly beautiful church (the Basilique du Sacre-Coeur) adorable little shops and patisseries, beautiful homes, and just all kinds of wonders. Many of my favorite artist lived in this part of the city. (There will be more photos, promise.)

Nonetheless, the point of this blog is that I picked up a fabulous pillow cover with coral on it. It was one of few souvenirs I picked up, and I just love how it looks in my sitting room. Now, I am not sure how this happened but looking at this fabulous pillow case I am now convinced that my anchor tattoo will have to have some coral incorporated. Inspiration looms everywhere (at least it does when you are traveling in Paris).

I am excited.

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