Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Friday (His Girl Friday)

The other day I read something, somewhere, about how the movie His Girl Friday had an impact on feminism and Rosalind Russel's role in the movie impacted the role of women in Hollywood.

I can't find the article or video that informed me of this significant role this movie had at the time it was created; nonetheless, that article combined with my love of Cary Grant, resulted in a movie search, exciting news I found the movie for free on Hulu!

It is fun film. I have no idea why it ends the way it does: I genuinely hope that my career does not result in me loosing a man that loves me in trade for one the takes me for-granted (oops, I just spoiled the movie, and lets be honest I might choose the man that was taking me for-granted if it was Cary Grant). Even-still, it is a fabulously fun movie, and if it was progressive for it time I can tell we have come a long way.

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