Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekend In Review

SF Symphony and Davies After Hours with the beautiful Annie.

Woke up early to bike to Golden Gate Park with Julie to set up City Church's Easter Egg Dash and Pot Luck.

Finally went to Dynamo Donuts, while roaming the mission with Christine and baby Nolan. (I got a latte, but no donuts.)

Lovely dinner with Laura Kirk, other lovely ladies and a fabulous Gent.

Fundraiser Brunch hosted by Megan for SF W.A.R.

Pot Luck in the Park to welcome Noella to the city.

Roaming Valencia. (826 Valencia)

Brunch for dinner pot luck at the lovely home of Lydia, Dani and Tracey.

I kind of can't believe the weekend is over. It is all kind of a blur of events and people, but they were all kind of wonderful.


Dani Ray said...

Love this. a weekend of photos. Esp like my living room including the Speakeasy brewery glass ;)

Pamela said...

It is such a pity I cannot get to sign the child abuse petition. My country is not even listed there. What can I do?

By the way dear I had a good time looking through your blog. Its like raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. Especially the one on Jesus and love

Simple Diva said...


Are you referring to slavery map? Or the Body Shop petition?

The body shop petition is a US based petition. I am so sorry you can't sign it!

I am glad you enjoy my blog!

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