Monday, May 31, 2010

Is it still Sunday if I have not slept yet?

So the goal/plan is to post daily, as a practice of challenging my mind to think creatively more often and to talk about the things I really care about more. Nonetheless, I have had more than one post in the 2 weeks, since I started this goal, as inspired by Dani, that have been benign updates on how my day was. (Dani inspired the disciple to write daily, I wrote the benign posts, just to be clear).

With my goal of writing I have started quiet a few posts about theology, God and life that were not ready to publish by the end of the day so they are still in my edit list. This has me wondering how this discipline works best: write and post daily or write daily and only post what is worth reading?

Who knows. I fear that if I say I will write but don't commit to post, I will not write; however, posting for the sake of posting results in mediocrity. Such a dilemma.

Well 2 am is fast approaching, I should sleep.

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