Monday, May 24, 2010

5 movies

I was asked to name 5 movies that have affected my spiritual life. Confession I really can't name the ones that effected my spiritual life as any different than the ones that changed my life so here we go:

1) Hotel Rwanda
2) Crash
3) Born into Brothels
4) Saved
5) ???

I honestly have no idea what the fifth one would be. Saved is a stretch to have on the list and I know there are movies I have moved me more. But can I really say that Breakfast at Tiffany's has impacted my spiritual growth? Honestly I just love the movie. It is my favorite movie. I love all Audry movies, but I am just at a bit of a loss for what movies I think have challenged me spiritually.

Well for you 11 people that follow this thing, I would love to hear your movies that shaped you.


dani ray said...


1.) The Darjeeling Limited
2.) Stranger than Fiction
3.) Big Fish
4.) Saved
5.) Lars and the Real Girl

Simple Diva said...

Thanks Dani, I actually loved all of these movies.

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