Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Morning Rituals

(egg photo taken at Pie Ranch a few weeks ago)

Sitting in my back yard, my roommate's cat has just muddied up my dress with her dirty paws and I am pondering the beauty of Sunday.

For the past few weeks my Sunday morning ritual has been interrupted by my schedule and my failure to practice the discipline required to get out of bed in the morning.

My favorite Sunday mornings include a simple routine: walk over to Cole Street Cafe for a short double Americano, head the Civic Center farmers, worship at City Church, let the rest of the day flow, ending the day with a long run/workout. Once a month I leave church and start cooking a meal for friends to raise money for an organization of our choosing.

This morning was an improvement over the last few weeks, but not quite there. Getting ready took longer than expected as most of my summer dresses no longer fit (yay, for working out and eating fresh foods; boo, for needing to buy clothes without the budget for it). So, I missed church and just headed to the farmers market. The flowers were beautiful, and fruit is FINALLY back in season. I mostly just needed eggs, but I bought berries and cherries, and there was some gluten-free Indian bread so I had to get some. To be honest, it was allot like how I think Church should be. Surrounded by the bustel of people all out getting ready for the week, taking in God's abundance (even if they are unaware of where their provision comes). Seeing all the colors of the fruits and vegetables I saw plainly that I do indeed love and serve a good and creative God.

Later today I will be celebrating my dear friend Robin's graduation from college. I am sure that my drive to Napa as well as the time I will spend there will only affirm the beauty of God's creativity. Furthermore the fellowship of celebration of such great accomplishment is just a tiny taste of heaven. So even if I haven't quite caught up with myself and my desired routine, I do love my Sundays.

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