Tuesday, May 18, 2010

it is just time and a face that you lose

random google image, but i like it allot

it takes time
writing, reading, drafting, searching
healing, running, dancing, praying
investing, listening, talking, playing
working, resting, cleaning, studying
worshiping, serving, loving, sharing
cooking, hosting, planning, inviting
we do these things a thousand times
and forget that doing them takes time
time to find the next step
time to have faith again
time to breath
time to find the space you need
time to dance and time to sing
time to do everything
there is a time for ever purpose under heaven

I am not good at taking time for certain things
I can take time to be busy and to be social and to run and to work
I don't like the time it takes to wait for my cold to end or for my broken heart to mend
I don't do sabbath well because it requires that I take time to do nothing and doing nothing should not take time, but it is a holy sort of nothing
For a few weeks now I have been intentional about not working on my Sundays - this has been really challenging for me. (So challenging that today is Tuesday and I am just now reflecting on it.)
I will confess that learning how to take my time, is a lesson that also takes time
Time is a terrible thing to lose and I feel that I have lost enough of it

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Chef, Interrupted said...

We see but dimly now, but then we shall see face to face. That gives me some of the most tangible hope. And yearning.

Loved my time with you, too, dearest. And now, I'm a SimpleDiva follower. :)

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