Friday, October 15, 2010

Fabulous Friends

Lisette - One of my first friends in the city. Honest, loving, patient, direct, and driven. She inspires me to be more of who I hope to be. She has given me courage to change and share some fabulous fun along the way.

Elaine-Also one of my oldest friends in the city. Fabulous, gentle with some spunk, honest, and growing. I am so grateful that she has let me in on so many intimate parts of her life. She is beautiful.

Amy - Former roommate in a room too small for one, let alone two. Always up for adventure, chasing after her dreams and inviting others to do the same. As a roommate she taught me so much about forgiveness and grace.

Leah - One of the first people in SF to seek me out as a friend. Thoughtful and present. With great integrity she is discovering who she is in light of who she has been and what she has believed. I am inspired by her truth.

These are the woman I roamed the One with last weekend. I enjoyed them immensely.

I will eventually post pics of the weekend. I just wanted to start this weekend off by celebrating my friends.

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