Monday, October 4, 2010


This mornings commute was a bit brutal.
4:00 Wake up in L.A.
4:10 Get dressed and play with Olli
4:40 drive to LAX
5:15 chat with the security guy (he likes the color purple and he needed to know 3 times if I had liquids, I did, they were sitting in a bag in front of me.)
6:00 board flight
6:20 take off and fall asleep
7:30 land
8:00 BART to 24th street and Mission
8:30 put make up on at work

Yes it took me 4 hours to get to work this morning, but it was worth it. My weekend in L.A. with the lovely Melody was a fabulous little get away from SF. We did not make it to the beach, but we did make it to Venice, where we strolled down a super cute street and stopped into a store with stacks and stacks of cake plates!

There was coffee and wine and cocktails and a new yummy polenta dish that I will have to buy at Trader Joe's. We cooked out on the grill and watched 4 episodes of Mad Men. We caught up on life. I developed some serious apartment envy. (Seriously, the girl knows how to decorate, and her friend Amy is pretty awesome as well.) Derek joined us for dinner both nights and he was fabulous company as always.

We chatted about finding the right church and how I hope to start my own church/community someday, but how I love love love my job right now. It was refreshing to sit in a church service with less than 50 people, but I have to admit I am really loving attending a church with over a thousand members. I guess it is all about seasons of life and all of that.

To top it all off her adorable apartment was the perfect temperature with the windows open and you can hear the little water fountain outside. It was so relaxing. Just, like I had gone to a tropical island for a little get away. It was lovely.

Thank you lady and gentleman for a fabulous weekend!

(These are the lovely stacks of cake plates, so beautiful.)

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melody said...

It was lovely seeing you have having you here! I'm glad it was a successful quick little visit. :) As always, it's a joy to talk with you and catch up on life...sorry this morning was so was early. Hahah. Glad you made it back safe and sound!

I'm sure we will be seeing you in SF sometime soon. If not sooner, then at least around Christmas time. :)

Love you lady. And Ollie says hello. ;)

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