Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Feature

Please meat Jordan of Night Owl Creations. Her work can be found at BellJar. She is kind of fabulous and has inspired me to begin Feature Fridays.

I love her work. She creates fun jewelry from recycled pieces of vintage jewelry and other fun items. I adore her work so much I plan to have some pieces made just for me.

1.Who inspires you?
That's a tricky concept for me to wrap my head around since I get my inspiration from everywhere. I adore exploring thrift stores, art galleries, cute boutique shops, magazines and books. I look at life and observe what is plainly around me here in the city and take my creativity from that in order to make art. I can't get enough vintage themed arts and crafts, recycling projects and the idea of mixing new with old because who says we should have to draw the line when life itself is so mix-matched everywhere to begin with; that's where true beauty lies.

2.What is your favorite thing to create?
I love creating earrings the most because usually its a pretty simple for me to whip something up. This is good for me since Belljar actually called me just recently and asked me to drop by and put more of my earrings on consignment for the store since the items I had showing there already sold. This whole jewelry thing is happening so quickly because more and more people are becoming interested and my only concern is to create as much I can to meet the demand which is difficult since all of my jewelry is one of a kind.

3. How did you get into jewelry?.
I've always been crafty and good with making things with my hands, which I take after my mom so jewelry came naturally to me. It simply started as a hobby several months ago; I would sit and watch movies in the evenings and fiddle with what materials I had lying around and started making necklaces and such for myself. people started becoming interested in what I was making and after getting compliments every time I went out and about wearing my jewelry everyone told me over and over that I should make jewelry and sell it, and so I did.

4.If you could be anywhere in the world when you wake up in the morning, where would you be?
Europe, most definitely. My dream vacation is Paris, France accompanied by my mother, where I would stay in a vintage french hotel, go shopping, attend galleries and travel around and see the most romantic city which I so badly am fascinated with.

5.What excites you about life?
Being a christian, and experiencing the joys and ups and downs in the most alive way that life has to offer.

Seriously check these out!

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