Saturday, October 23, 2010

Go Rangers! (and Giants)

This feels like an appropriate image for this weekend. The weekend as not gone as I had planed. I feel a bit like I am safe on base but barely. I am so exhausted it is unreal. My purse was stolen. I hosted an open house to fill out newly opened room. Way fewer people came to the open house than I expected, but that is a relief. It will be easier to choose someone to move in.

I am about to get dressed and face the rain to go to a house warming party. Tomorrow, I somehow have to teach Sunday school, show the room to three more people, get a rental phone while I wait for my new one (Thank you purse snatcher for costing me $130, I really didn't need that money for anything. No really, I wasn't planning to buy new make up and a pair of jeans that fit. i hope you have fun with a phone that is locked and my Egyptian scarf.), AND go to Palo Alto to see a friend that moved there a few months back. (I say that like PA is so far away, but it is out of the city.)

Dear family, these boring update posts are dedicated to you. I love that you are my most consistent readers and I get to update you on my life when our timezones make that more challenging than I would like.

And last but not least: Go Rangers!!! I am so excited that we are going to the World Series!

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