Sunday, June 20, 2010

A moment to celebrate Saturday and seeking Wholeness

Waking up this morning my muscled were a tiny bit sore, but yesterday was well worth it.

(Leah and me at a Giants game a few weeks back)

I want to say something poetic and profound about yesterday... but seriously it was too good. My morning meet up with Leah had enough substance for an entire post. So the tid-bit from that I will share is the amazing reminder that seeking Wholeness is a huge part of seeking Holiness. I really needed that in light of the fact that we are now half way through the year, and in January I declared 2010 the year of seeking Holiness, and, well, the year has thrown me for one crazy loop on that one.

(Rach and I at Bday brunch before my phone died)

Running late I joined a fabulous crew of friends for what turned into a round table dance party brunch at Arlequin to kick off a day of Rachel bday celebration. Thank you pandora for providing the music - thank you Nick for running my battery down so low I couldn't take pictures at the ranch.

And yes you read that last sentence correctly, I said ranch as in Pie Ranch. It is amazing place down the 1 that hosts a work day and barn dance on the 3rd Saturday of each month. I am determined to go back.
(the entrance to Pie Ranch, photo taken on previous trip with Julie)

I spent much of yesterday hilling potatoes, shucking wheat, and stealing strawberries. Wait, did I say stealing? I meant small nibbles of bright red sun ripened strawberries directly off the vine. So good. I loved the hard work. I also loved being so close to the source of the food that we eat.

(more of the ranch from previous trip, somewhere behind those trees is a garden with potatoes)

The manual labor was followed by a pot-luck where we shared a meal with total strangers, complete with an offering of amazing gluten and lactose free cookies. It was beautiful to watch, the crown ranged from locals to travelers and all were welcome as they came flowing in with homemade goodies to share.

The work day culminated with some contra dancing, complete with a caller. Everyone was so friendly, welcoming and excited to be there. Huge smiles all around. I danced with people from all over the world in a fun little barn just of the 1, seriously how wonderful is that?
(The barn where we danced, during the day it is a store and coffee shop, this photo is also from previous trip)

After dancing to our hearts content we set off down the one just after seeing a gloriously pink sunset over the trees. We went in search of a beach to hang out on for just a minute, sadly they were all closed so we obviously decided to go to the Ritz-Carlton to get as close to the water as we could. (They spot light the ocean and the waves were gorgeous, until the sprinklers on the golf course came on and soaked us.)

There a few more attempts at adventure along the way, but mostly just some In-N-Out and heading home. To make the day all the more perfect and real, I sat alone in the back seat for much of the ride home. It was calm and peaceful and my heart remembered that it is heavy. Small tears, just two or three, snuck out my sleepy eyes. I reached up and grabbed Rachel's arm, and was ever so thankful that I can feel a full range of emotion in one blissful day.

I don't know if I will live in San Francisco forever, or even in California. However, I do know that despite the fact that I may not always feel like I am becoming Holy, but I am being whole, and that has to matter for something.

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