Friday, June 4, 2010

Grumpy Love

I saw this on Oh Joy! and it is by M.H. Jeeves

This post is a toast to my inner cynic. I saw this image and my heart soared! it feels so good to see a goofy little image I can relate to so clearly, that is so happy and so sad at the same time.

I know it is crazy but this funny little image feels like me right now. In this picture I see exactly how I feel about the idea of love these days. Like it is falling all around me and my inner cynic is standing with my angry face on hoping to keep it off of me, and I don't just mean the romantic kind of love. As these past few years have been full of challenges it has been a point of growth for me to allow people to love me despite my flaws.

So, I hope your think this little man is as cute as I do, 'cause he is me and I want you to love me (except if he really were me he would be a she and she would be wearing pearls).

BTW: I am grateful because I know you already do.

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