Monday, June 28, 2010

right now he's probably buying her some fruity little drink cause she can't shoot whisky

(stole this image from All Posters, you can buy it there if you like it)

Despite growing up Baptist and a solid 8 years of higher education at private Baptist institutions I have recently developed a fascination with making my own liquor infusions (I really, really want to learn how to distill my own liquor, but that is illegal, pouty face).

I have only made 3 infusions: absinthe, limoncello, and this oat milk thingy. They were all part of a mixology class I took at Workshop. So, really if I am going to say I am into it I need to do more than just look up recipes and talk about it. Nonetheless, I am posting a few links to some recipes I looked up and wanted to post about.


Sour Cherry Liqueur (really need to do this soon while cherries are in season)
Cranberry & Juniper Vodka (might have to wait for the season on this one)
Raspberry-Infused Vodka (on this page you will also see a recipe for blackberry limeade I made it 2 years ago for a dinner party and it was amazing, I can only imagine the vodka drink will knock it out of the park)

I also fully intend to put the recipes in Strong Waters to good use pretty soon.

I hope to make them soon, and I might post on them. Still, I realize more and more that I intend to post on a great many things and I don't. So enjoy the recipes. If you are lucky I will let you drink some of the results when they happen.

Happy Drinking.


sweetsong said...

=)....and that's all I have to say about that.

Chef, Interrupted said...

Hooray for infusions! I've been meaning to make limoncello and will HAVE to check out this make-your-own absinthe concept.

Let's play with alcohol sometime together. You know, 95.72% of my cocktail posts have infusions of one type or another... ;)

Simple Diva said...

I have the ingredients for a making some absinthe if you want to get together...

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