Friday, June 25, 2010

Things That Make Me Happy

In a conversation with someone last week I was asked if I was happy and I said no. Soon after that I regretted the statement because I am something a lot like happy, and it might even be better than happy. So as I end this week, I want to post a short list of things that make me happy.

1) My friends. The facts are that if I tried to list them by name I know that I would be remiss in naming all of them so I will not dare, for I know that I have so many really amazing people in my life that love me and that I love
2) My job. I get to help youth with few allies in life achieve success in work and life. I get to help them along to their next steps and empower them. I love it. I also get to coordinate volunteers and I am learning about marketing. I love it.
3) My city. I get to live in the historic Haight. I always wanted to be a real deal hippy and now I live in the place where it all began. Plus, there is so much more to SF than hippies. I am so excited I live her.
4) My ocean. So, maybe it isn't exactly mine, but it is so close to me and it takes my breath away.
5) My poetry. I am actually currently loving that the words are fewer as I attempt to write these days. I am feeling less compelled to script my healing and instead I am getting to live it. Still, I love that I can write.
6) My choice to go to therapy and find wholeness. Really, what more can I say. I am so glad that I am facing the hard parts of me.
7) My family. My sisters are some of my closest friends. I have felt so loved and supported by my family. My grandmother is inspiring and I know my parents love me dearly.
8) My involvement in community. I get to be part of 2 weddings this summer and 3 baby showers. I am so blessed that people want to share the deepest parts of their lives with me. I have also been blessed to be part of a vowed faith community this past year that has loved and supported me through so much.
9) My access to technology. I have friends all over the word and I am ever so grateful for skype, facebook, my cell phone and my blog.
10) My adventures and passions. I am often amazed that my passion for justice allowed me so much adventure.
11) My Beloved. I am my beloved's and He is mine. I mean this both in the spiritual sense and in the reality that I am hopeful for the love that is waiting for me.

I could go one and kind of want to, but I think I will stop now, I did after all say this would be a short list. There is no picture for this one, but if you need images to reflect my thoughts the photos at the top and bottom of this blog were taken while I was in a creativity workshop, and they are images of things that made me happy at the time.

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