Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The P word

(disclaimer: if you have a tendancy to worry about me, stop reading.)

Finally there is my street.
Turn left, crap I didn't see that car, speed up in order to not get hit, look left, that is cop car. I just failed to yield right of way in front of a cop car, crap.

Review directions, look around. I think I am here, these numbers don't look right, whatever I am just going to park and walk around. Pull over, recheck directions, this has to be right, where is 88 Eastridge Road, look up and to the left.

Crap, your kidding me, there is no way that cop car is going to stop me for failure to yield. Wait, what if there is something wrong with Julie's car? Oh my gosh, I just need to get to this girl's home. They cannot be pulling me over! There is no way I did anything illegal. They are going to take my licence and see that it is a Texas license and I have lived here over 2 and a half years, I can't get at ticket,
roll window down.

"Hi" in my sweetest, most innocent voice.

"Are you lost?"

"Yes." Well I mean kind of, it is about 80% true, I am on the right street, but yes seems like it will keep me out of trouble... "how did you know I was lost?"

Laughter, four police officers look at me and laugh, "We 'p' worded you." "We profiled you."

"Ha, oh okay" Seriously, you just said that? "I am looking for 88 Eastridge Road."

"In San Francisco?"

Really? Do they think I am so lost that I am in the wrong city? I am on the right street I just need to find the apartment.
"Yes, San Francisco. I am a case manager, I am on my way to see a client." said, again in my sweetest tone.

More laughter and smiling. All is right in the world, the police officers now understand why a white girl in a white Volvo is driving in Bayview/Hunters Point. "Follow us, we will point it out."

"Thanks." Um, do I really want everyone in this neighborhood to see me following a cop car? Whatever, I am never going to find this apartment.

Arrive at intended location. Visit with youth who lives in a part of town so sketchy that the police think I don't belong here just because I am white.

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