Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lust List*

(these lovely items can be found at West Elm)

I used to think I needed to own everything I was attracted to: clothes, decor, cookware (before I even knew how to cook), plants, and really just about anything at all that drew my attention. I had to have it, whatever it was. This has caused a great deal of stress for my bank account and my storage space. It has been especially challenging as I am a bit of a vagabond. Roam freely with massive amounts of things to carry isn't exactly easy. Hence I still have boxes in storage at my parents house and more stuff in my current apartment than I am entirely sure what to do with.

Joyfully, in the past few years I have found the satisfaction of enjoying beauty without the need to possess it. I have no intention of spending $49 on a pillow cover. I will, however, gaze at it and be inspired by its simple elegance and the creativity that someone else has invested in creating it. It might even inspire me to make my own (however, sewing is yet to be one of my real talents, so probably not.)

*title stolen from OhJoy regular segment on things she wishes she owned

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