Tuesday, December 14, 2010

MINXY boutique

Last weekend my roommate and I had some much needed mission roaming time. This is the stuff our friendship was built on before she moved in, roaming around, discovering new shops and hitting up craft fairs. We roamed and talked for just a few short hours as we both had to get home at in time to prepare food for a potluck.

Finds like Minxy are my favorite part of roaming. This little shop is on 24th close to Harrison and is super cute! The owner of the boutique was there, dressed fabulously with a jacket over vintage red top, pencil skirt, and fishnets with peep toe wedges. (yes, I do remember) She had just the right amount of bling on to fit the feel of the shop and I was inspired to redo my entire wardrobe. (or at least to wear the vintage items I already own) The prices were very reasonable for a mission boutique and the feel of the place was welcoming, complete with a little dog that walked right up to me and begged to be pet.

If you are down in the mission check it out. It is fabulous.

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