Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Decorating

I started my Christmas decorating last night. I was starting to get nervous that I would run out of time and not decorate again this year, so at 11 pm last night I just got up and did it. (or at least most of it, I need a wreath and I want a tree.)

I am not done, but these two little pics make for a fun start to the Christmas set up to come.

Growing up some of my favorite memories of the holidays were of completely redecorating our house the day after Thanksgiving so that every surface was covered in Christmas decorations, everything else was put into storage for the following month. It was always a ton of work, but I loved the after effect. The decorations in the photos above were part of the decorations I grew up with and I am excited to have them in my grown up home.

Another favorite of mine was going to my grandmother's house and seeing her large Christmas tree. Each year she chose a new theme and it was always fabulously put together. I kind of wish I had the patience to redo a theme every year, complete with blue birds one year and all red the next. In any event I am inspired to be more like her all the time.

In addition to the images posted I have hung lace on my walls and hung ornaments from them. I would show you those but I have not been home at a good time to get the photos with natural light (and as you can tell from these pics, flash just doesn't do these decorations justice.) More pics will appear in the near future as I continue to prepare for Christmas.

Happy Advent!

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